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Mirror Mirror: Bold lips in bridal

Mirror Mirror: Bold lips in bridal

There are brides who are hesitant to wear a bold color, such as red on their lips, on their wedding day. I, personally love bright red and its classic, feminine feel.  Erin from Erin Ashley Makeup also loves bold lips in bridal. She educates her brides that they are going to require a little bit of upkeep throughout their wedding day and that is something to really think about.  There is nothing worse than the look of bold lipstick wearing off. However, when applied properly and with the right products, brides should have no issues doing small touch-ups.  Erin’s personal preference is “matte red lips as opposed to glossy as I think it can sometimes be overpowering to have bold red lips and then a bold and shiny gloss on top.  I have only had a handful of brides over the years that have chosen bold lips and they have always been ones that regularly wear them for special events or when they go out so they know how to maintain them…and they have all rocked the look!”

“I have seen red lips work beautifully for modern weddings, romantic weddings, chic weddings–I really think it is all in how you wear it and that it can work for any event!  I do personally love red lips at evening weddings!”

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Photo courtesy of: Crystal Stokes Photography

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