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Guests of Honor: Pets in Your Wedding

Guests of Honor: Pets in Your Wedding

When it comes to pets, there are some who undeniably consider them as a member of the family.  Whether a childhood pet or raised together with your fiance, these “fur babies” are just as significant. You’ve probably had several ideas or conversations about how you can incorporate them into your wedding day. There could be little hesitation –  however, with the right professionals and preparation, things can go smoothly!

pet in bridal party

For some insight on capturing the best images of your wedding day with your pet, I consulted the very talented photographer and fur mommy, Cassandra Bradley- owner of BlueSky by Cass Bradley.  Cass has two mix-breed rescue  dogs, Rox (Pit-bull mix) and Trey (Lab mix).  She specializes in the connection between couples and their loved ones – including their ‘children with fur’. When considering your fur babies as part of the wedding ceremony, understand they add a wild card (an awesome one!) and they may not do exactly what you have intended.

Ceremony with pet

This little Pomeranian pictured above was tasked with bringing a note from the bride down the aisle to her groom.  He got half way to the groom, turned around, and started running back to the bride.  (he eventually made it to the altar) but it is these unscripted moments that make for some of the best images.  Cass also recommends that you have a pet ‘exit strategy’’ so that you’re able to enjoy the entire night without worrying about your fur babies. Most of her clients have a friend or relative on hand to take them home after the ceremony, group pictures or doggie kiss goodbye.

Wedding with dog

Cass’ approach to capturing pets during a wedding or engagement session is not much different that their human counterparts. When asked to share, Cass says, “I build rapport an trust before I ever hit that shutter.   Just a bit different in method :-)   I build rapport through introductions and treats and pats on the head and while I am shooting—I am talking to them and keeping their attention.  (I also have a secret high-pitched noise to raise ears and get that awesomely adorable ‘head tilt’…it works on babies too…lol”.

Walk down the aisle with dog

Having your pets included in your wedding day makes it so personal. (This  is what makes our jobs so fabulous.) Giving a nod to ‘tradition’ is always nice…but making the day truly your own is what you and your guests will remember!

Cass Bradley


Cassandra Bradley is owner of BlueSky by Cass Bradley, an energetic, life-loving wedding and lifestyle photography studio based in Charlotte, NC. And of course, the images are from weddings photographed by BlueSky by Cass Bradley.

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