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fresh margarita

Sip & Stir: Classic Margarita

The margarita is light and refreshing and when made correctly has perfect blend of sweet and tart.  I recently chose to limit my sips because they're typically packed with sugar and calories.  Well, I stumbled on this simple yet lower calorie option on the Tone It Up blog that uses...

Signature Pour: Crantucket Mojito

Add  a personal touch to your wedding or event with a signature cocktail.  A creative name will have guests remembering your event for months to come.  Consider having waitstaff ready to greet guests upon their arrival  with a cool, refreshing glass. The crantucket mojito will...

Sip & Stir: Homemade Limoncello Cocktail

Limoncello is very popular to Italy. But here's a light and refreshing homemade recipe that your guests will enjoy.  You can prepare a large quantity ahead of time and chill in the fridge.  Of course, you can purchase an already made version of limoncello, however,...