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Tips to prep your skin for your wedding day

Tips to prep your skin for your wedding day

Who wouldn’t want to look and feel “picture perfect” on their wedding day?!? While planning the details around that big day, don’t forget about preparing your skin for makeup application. For photo ready advice, we sought the expertise of esthetician, Sissy Duncan. Sissy specializes in Make-up Artistry, Waxing, Chemical Peels, Eye Lash Extensions, Facials and Body Treatments.  Being in the skincare industry and continuing her education has allowed her the ability to keep up with the latest technologies and cutting edge ingredients in skincare and make-up to better serve her clients’ individual needs. Sissy’s first recommendation – enlist the help of a professional! See a esthetician as often as you can and get on a treatment plan for your skin.  If it’s not within your budget here are a few simple tips to remember.

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Prepare your skin in advance. Starting to prepare your skin 5-6 months away from your wedding day is the perfect time to start your beauty regimen if you’d like to achieve the picture perfect skin.  You will be in front of a lot of people and having a lot of photos taken of you. So taking the time, to treat and protect your skin is beneficial to have a smooth flawless make-up look.

Clean your face regularly! The best and most simple thing is to keep your face clean.  Cleaning your face regularly, especially at night, will help reduce the dirt and oil build-up in your pores.  Getting facials every 4-6 weeks will help you to achieve healthier skin and achieve smaller pores because we are able to professionally extract and exfoliate  your pores with professional grade products.  At home,  cleanse your face at least twice a day with a gentle cleanser, exfoliate at least 2-3 times a week, apply a mask at least 1-3 times a week, apply serums and moisturizers and sunscreen daily.


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Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! Very important, everyone should moisturize even if you have oily-skin at least twice a day. I also cannot stress enough how you should always apply sunscreen to your moisturizer in the mornings to protect your skin from the sun.  If you skip out on moisturizing, your skin can get dull, dehydrated and lack luster and it will start to clog your pores. Moisturizing helps with creating smooth skin that glows.

If you’re considering a professional facial but have sensitive skin you need not worry. During your visit with an esthetician, we will have your fill out a client information form asking you about your skin and your goals for your skin to achieve. From there we are able to come up with the best treatment to treat your skin.


“The first thing that people see is your skin, it is my goal to treat it and give you the knowledge and tools needed to love your skin”.

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Sissy was born in Rome, NY but raised in Charlotte, NC. Sissy is a mother and wife and a self-proclaimed beauty junkie that loves all things skincare.

Sissy M. Duncan began her career in 2002 as a self-taught hair & make-up artist.  Her work includes Fashion Shows, Brides, Film, Television, Magazines, photo shoots for celebrities and editorial work, NASCAR, and Politicians. Her work has been published in magazines, blogs and ad campaigns and has won multiple awards on her craft.

Sissy wanted to offer more to her clients which lead her to school to obtain her esthetician license.  Her passion in the beauty industry only continued to grow from here and she fell in love with skincare and decided to combine it with her hair and make-up artistry career.

Come love your skin and feel healthier by booking a spa treatment with Sissy at the Color Bar Hair Salon and Spa.  All other services including Make-up and Hairstlying are from her home studio in Indian Trail, NC.  Wedding day services are available on location.

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