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Moving In Tips: When two design styles become one

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Moving In Tips: When two design styles become one

One of the most challenging things about moving into any shared space with another person is  figuring out how to merge two different design styles.

“I can’t believe you want to keep that old couch!”

” What do you mean you don’t like that duvet cover!”

These are a few of the comments I hear from couples when asked how moving in together is going.   This led me to reach out to Interior Design pro, Jacqueline Wheeler to offer some insight on how to approach this fete.  Even if you’ve been living together for 20 years, I believe this advice can also be used by someone considering a redesign (designing a room again in a different way).

jacqueline wheeler designs


1. Before even moving a box: What are some tips to help clients get started?
    Edit. Edit. Edit.  I can’t preach this enough. I have a strong philosophy that you should only live with the things you absolutely love.  Each person should go through their things and identify what they can’t live without. Everything else should be sold or donated. It certainly makes moving a lot less painful!
   Strive for your home to be different than everyone else’s. It should reflect your story, your personality, your life – not look like a catalog or furniture showroom.  – Jacqueline Wheeler, Interior Designer
2.  How do you walk your clients through the process of blending their styles?
    More often than not I find that most people don’t have a defined style or like so many styles they can’t pinpoint one. I have them each pin 10-15 images of spaces that they are drawn to. I always tell them not to think too much about it – just pin it and put a little explanation of what they like about the image. It’s amazing what we can infer from these pictures. Once I get a good understanding of their individual preferences, I can combine them in a way that works for them both.


jacqueline wheeler designs bedroom before


jacqueline wheeler designs bedroom after
3. How do you approach designing with couples who have completely different design styles?
    I love eclectic design anyway, so blending is great fun for me. I have had several instances of ‘she’s traditional/he’s modern
 and vice versa – you can easily combine the clean lines of modern with the warmth of more traditional pieces, but a lot of people don’t believe it until they see it. We always leave for the reveal, and the feedback we get is genuine shock at how well the space fits both people.


jacqueline wheeler moving in together before


jacqueline wheeler moving in together after
You can have a magazine worthy home that has no soul – and I find that depressing.  – Jacqueline Wheeler
jacqueline wheeler moving in together after 2

Jacqueline Wheeler Interior Designer

 About Jacqueline Wheeler
  I love to infuse happiness and life into every home I design! I am a native Charlottean who has been  designing for as long as I can remember. After a long career  in the dental industry, I took a leap of  faith and started my own design business 3 years ago and have  never looked back. I feel incredibly  blessed to do what I love for a living.
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