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How Do I?… Wear red lipstick

How Do I?… Wear red lipstick

Bold. Red lips are so hot!

Nothing helps me express my moods than playing with my makeup and I was so happy to finally find my perfect shade. Knowing that there may be some hesitation, I asked professional makeup artist Erin of Erin Ashley Makeup to share some of her tips to help you find the shade to work best with your skin tone.

“There are so many “rules” out there regarding red lipstick and what you should and shouldn’t do and who should wear what based on your undertones. I really don’t think anything is as black and white as that –you can have fair skinned people that look better in warm reds and fair skinned people that look better in cool reds. -The same goes for the rest of the skin tones. For me, when I am helping my clients choose a color that suits them best, a lot of other things come into play including hair and eye color.  The main thing I really like to focus on when choosing a color is the boldness/brightness because that is something can make a huge difference! “

Fair– I love coral/warm reds on fair skinned women because it isn’t as harsh against their lighter skin.  The only thing I warn against is going too warm because those more orange undertones can make teeth look more yellow than they really are.  On the other hand, I also love cool tones against fair skin as they can really brighten the face.  It really isn’t about the tone for me but about the shade.  The trick for fair skinned ladies is to not pick a color that is too bright or bold against their skin because it will be too harsh and overwhelm their face.
Medium- Medium skin tones have a lot of options out there.–They can wear a nice broad spectrum of red lips ranging including both cool and warm tones because medium skin tones can range from bisque to olive.
Dark- I love bolder/brighter lips on dark skin.–You can go a bit bolder/brighter on darker skin tones because it will create a nice contrast and their skin tone can handle the bold look!
Erin Ashley Makeup Artist Makeup by: Erin Ashley Makeup
Photo courtesy of: Nathan Abplanalp Photography
Some of Erin’s personal favorites are:
MAC “Ruby Woo”
MAC “Russian Red” (my favorite, too!)
MAC “Lady Danger”
Lipstick Queen “Red Sinner”
Lipstick Queen “Wine Sinner”
Julie Hewett “Femme Noir”
Julie Hewett “Coco Noir”
Julie Hewett “Belle Noir”
Nars “Heat Wave”
Nars “Jungle Red”

Are you ready to find your perfect shade?

Click to read more of Erin’s thoughts for wearing red lipstick on your wedding day.


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