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Hey Lover: Valentine’s Day Favorites

Hey Lover: Valentine’s Day Favorites

For those of you who may be new and not familiar with my “Hey Lover” series – allow me to fill you in. “Hey Lover” was a term that Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) from the hit show, “Sex In the City” used to use to describe a favorite pair of shoes.  Well, I use the term to highlight some of my favorites.  Well,  in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing a few of  the items that make me “feel good”.


Aisha Thomas Vday favorites

1. Valuspa candles are one of my all-time scented candles.  I am very sensitive to dominant scents so I have to be picky.  I love their candles because their aromas do not affect my allergies.    Packaged in an elegant pink box with the scent of Proscecco (ya know I love my bubbly) and soft rose petals, the Prosecco Rose is a win!

2. The “Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette” can be found at your local Ulta store.  I’m so in love with the soft, natural looks in this palette.

3.  I am obsessed with ALEX AND ANI bangles at the moment. I love it when there’s a message attached to an item. The product description of the “Love” bangle by ALEX AND ANI says it best.

“Love is the greatest virtue of all. It is at the root of all good things. All humans thrive in a loving environment, and whenever love is in the equation, happiness results.”

4.  One thing my Bigmama taught me is to always smell good. Perfume is apart of my outfit.  The fragrance I wear changes with my mood.  When I’m feeling a little “lady-like” I go to the soft, feminine scent of Chanel’s “Coco Mademoiselle“.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is not so much about the cards, candy, and flowers.  It is about love, regardless of who it is. Even if you do not have a significant other, treat yourself to something special or gather together with a group of your favorite people. I’ve heard the term “Gal-entine’s” being thrown around.  Grab a few of your girlfriends for a “Gal-entine’s Night” on the town (you never know who you may bump into!).  Live.Love.Party

Old South Studios Valentines Day

Photo Credits: Old South Studios  Thanks for the fun festive photos!  See the Old South blog for details about their Valentine’s Day party with a few Charlotte wedding creatives.

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