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Behind The Scenes: #LiveLoveParty

Behind The Scenes: #LiveLoveParty

If you haven’t noticed, I rebranded my event planning and design company last year which included a name change.  Even while my company’s name had changed it took an additional year to fully decide what this brand would encompass.  What I’ve learned through this process is that rebranding is more than just changing a name or logo.  It’s understanding exactly who you (are) and the audience you wish to attract. (All of this will be in a separate blog post) and that you cannot keep holding your great ideas to yourself because of the fear of what others may think.  By now you’re seeing these three words wondering what does that mean. Well, here it goes.  To begin these three words are more than just my company’s tagline – they’re apart (they are a part) of Aisha that I’d love to share with you. If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be, “eclectic”.



Defining the word “eclectic”

(If you are still not convinced – take a peek in my closet).  My parents must have had a little foresight – the meaning of Aisha is “Full of life” and hence the birth of the title of this blog —  LIVE.LOVE.PARTY – I believe that in order to have a full life you have to enjoy life, find something or someone to love, and have fun (party in the process.)  I struggled for some time about my style of writing but going through the rebrand process, I decided to write in my tone, using my voice, and with the help of some awesome friends who were the inspiration behind the subject matter and have been brainstorming with me over the past year – this blog and it’s content was born.   So to help you understand the LIVE.LOVE.PARTY blog– I’ve broken down the tagline “LIVE.LOVE.PARTY” to help guide you between the categories of posts.


I love fashion, entertaining, sports, and working out – I have been athletic all of my life.  I picked up my first basketball in the 5th grade and was the only girl on the team.  I played with the boys until middle school or in high school during PE while the other girls were jumping rope. I ran collegiate Division 1 track (go 49ers) where we were incorporating moves used in Cross Fit before it was so popular. Expect some guests every now and again sharing some routines that you can do in the gym or on the track along with practical circuits or things you can do to get active and maintain a healthy lifestyle and the gear to wear or use in the process.


Here you’re probably expecting the predicable “I am a sucker for romantic, walks in the park” line because I plan and design weddings.  Well – not quite!  LOVE is more than just the wedding as I’m hoping that you’ll continue to stay in love beyond wedding planning. I’ll share not only wedding design ideas but concepts to be used after the wedding.  Expect real weddings from Aisha Thomas Events, styled editorial shoots, inspiration, and great ideas to use during the planning process.


We love to have fun!  PARTY is more than an event – it’s about living life and having fun in the process. Here I’ll feature fun events and festivals that I think you will enjoy. Places I’ve traveled to or would be fun to visit. I’ll also share some fashion ideas from myself and designers for you to wear to these events.

This will be a practical space for entertaining and recipe ideas for busy people who do not have a lot of time on their hands (but of course, you also have the option of hiring Aisha Thomas Events 😉   It’s great to be able to have one (one, what?)

So now it’s time for the shameless plugs… To be sure you do not miss any of my posts, please be sure to follow.  I’d also love to hear (from you) so that I know that I am not just talking to myself (even though I’ve been known to do this a time or two).  If you have a product, event, or destination that you’d like for me to share with my readers – please contact us and include the subject “LiveLoveParty” for consideration.  I hope that you enjoy and remember to


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  • April 21, 2015 KNOW I adore this. Cheers to authenticity and all it brings!

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